Work Week

Late again, damn the alarm
the usual train commute awaits, got to move on
skipped breakfast, such a big deal
missed the day’s most important meal

A plane crash kills One Seventy Eight
an earthquake rocked the entire state
the jealous boyfriend threw acid on her face
a car bomb blew up the market place

must make that call
must get those deals
cash in that elusive bonus
imagine how it feels

The virus is now pandemic
the economy isn’t helping
these religious riots are blasphemic
the north pole is rapidly melting

It’s a parallel world, them and I
will our lives ever meet, or will I
be safe and content in this bubble
or will it burst before I die?


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About Archan B

I read. I write. I am literate. And I wish there were more literate people in the world who could then express themselves in beautiful words of prose and poetry.

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