Dedicated to Varun “Tannu” Bhatkal

Sometime in year 2000, I lost my childhood friend to a mysterious illness. The boy was young – a teenager – when he passed away, peacefully. This is in Varun’s memory….. (written on 6 June 2002).

Its now 2 years since you’re gone,
I still remember you like an evergreen song
One that lingers in the back of my mind,
Unerased it’ll stand with the passage of time.

I vividly recall our childhood days,
the jokes and games we used to play
Your tantrums and antics are hard to forget,
Engraved in my memory like a well kept secret.

I still turn & walk towards your house unconsciously,
My eyes shedding tears of sorrow simultaneously
For to this date its hard to devise,
a way to forget your sad demise.


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About Archan B

I read. I write. I am literate. And I wish there were more literate people in the world who could then express themselves in beautiful words of prose and poetry.

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