Delhi High Court Blasts 7 Sep 2011 – A not-so-first hand account

I was in Mumbai when I heard about the Delhi Blasts, from a friend. This was around lunch hour, a good 3-4 hours after the actual incident – A thing of concern and wonder for me.

Generally, an incident like this gets onto the air through word of mouth “did you hear?” conversations, over the TV somewhere in a mall/office/restaurant, somehow it manages to reach everyone within an hour. This time around though, I’d already spoken to my family, clients, my appointments and friends in the time span and only one bothered to mention the incident.

Among many other scenarios, I feel what must’ve happened post Delhi Blasts is that we didn’t take it seriously at first instance!! I personally thought this was dirty-politics at play since “persons of repute” like Amar Singh and other biggies were sentenced to jail earlier in the week. Since it was at the Delhi High Court, some dude or dudes must’ve been upto mischief  at the behest of our forever innocent politicians in jail (there you go, atleast one Indian who doesn’t instantly point fingers at any neighbour or suspects “foreign hand”!)

Secondly, for some reason I didn’t get the seriousness in the voice of the people telling me the story.
“You know about the Blast in Delhi this morning?”
“Yeah, I heard”
“…hmmm… So when are you heading back to (wherever I flew in from)” – change in topic

The newspapers were rife the next morning with gory details of the dead and injured people, story of how a father lost his son when he ran back into the building for an errand, a minute by minute account of the police and medical response after, politicians visiting the blast site and lots more. The thing to notice is the newspapers now have a preset format for reporting blast news. You get the eye witness accounts, how the police reacted, how security was lax, even a diagram or map of the area and an analysis of how the attack was carried out plus a reference guide to previous similar attacks in the country. Its the whole drama all over again.

Brings me to my point. This time I wasn’t shocked. This time I wasn’t shaken – probably because I was still in one piece and not Many! This time I didn’t think of someone I know in Delhi and bother to check whether they are safe. In fact, my next call was to my friends to check if “dinner and drinks was still on”. I was beyond numb. I was beyond angry.

THIS TIME I couldn’t be bothered. THIS TIME I’m scared I’m turning into something else.


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