Haze! What’s up with the air in Singapore?

They say when you have nothing to talk about, then talk about the weather! That’s always an interesting topic in Singapore, especially this time of the year.

Like seasonal clockwork, there invariably is a forest or field fire raging in Indonesia Sep – Oct every year. The winds blowing northeast (or is it southwest?) carry the thick smoke and cast a nice even blanket of haze over Singapore! Sitting inside your air conditioned office or home, you’d think for a moment the clouds are descending (yeah right! We are near the equator after all).

Back in Y2006, the haze was perhaps at its worse. 2 days in 1 week were declared unhealthy to step out and most people had taken leave from work (sweet!). The ones who stayed in office often had conversations punctuated with coughs and sneezes. You’d think this is a natural phenomenon – partly it is. It seems farmers “naturally” burn plots of land to make way for agricultural purposes in Sumatra Island.

Tourists will find this time disappointing. Your quintessential snaps with the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands in the background will need some mega photoshop enhancements. Just yesterday the PSI levels hit 68, highest this year. That’s more like a full pack of cigarettes in 1 day!

(Cough) Yeah, that’s not funny!


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