A short trip to Brussels

Before landing in Brussels I’d done my research and figured out I could take a train to Antwerp and perhaps even Amsterdam and return the same day. Yet with the schedule of events planned in Brussels, I ended up staying in the city and by the end of the 4th day, I was hell bent on getting out of there!! Why? Well…

The first few sights of nice green fields and lovely farm houses on the outskirts of the city were soon replaced by graffiti and garbage on the city streets. Now this I did not expect! Surely the garbage truck was round the corner as it was only 9am!

The other bit was food – everyone there eats sandwiches… and maybe some pasta. Cheese perhaps. With wine. Oh no, Beer. Everyone smokes. Dump cigarettes on the sidewalk. Everyone drinks coffee…lots of it. Wow, if I was born in EU, my mom would have nothing to say about good habits and healthy eating!

The month of May was expected to be pleasant and fresh, with summer round the corner. However, on stepping foot out of the airport, I was already freezing!! Over the next few days I was decked up in 7 layers of clothing, with my fingers and feet so cold I couldn’t grip the spoons and forks!

Alright, enough whining. On the positive side, I did make a few new friends. I did eat lots of chocolate. I did the sightseeing. I did check out the Gay Parade – impromptu, was not on agenda!

The Global Gay Rights parade was a “family” event. They had areas where gay parents or gay youngsters – anyone in the family who was gay – could interact with other members of the community. There were separate “meeting points” for gay men and women and even a kindergarten area for kids of gay parents. Now you don’t get to see that often!!


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