Allegedly uncluttered yet complex life!

The thing about living abroad is that it isn’t easy living in your “own house” anytime soon, after moving to a new location. Well atleast for a considerable amount of time – unless your dad’s a bigshot or your ancestors left you some pirate’s gold chest!

Until that day comes, you’ve got to live “paying rent”. Like everyone else. Everyone like you.

Given the fact your maximum lease on a flat (say, in Singapore) is 2 years, I’m of the opinion that possessing Less is Good – keeps you mobile and hassle free. For a Bachelor guy (no more!) it’ll mean 2 bags of luggage max. A shoulder bag and a Laptop. Life is set.

The problem arises when you’ve stayed 6 months or more – you then start owning stuff (sh*t). A DvD player (obsolete), a music system, an iPad, perhaps a flat screen TV, 2-3 cameras, mixer grinder (no kidding), iron box, books, wires and cables from above, adaptors, new clothes, old clothes, new shoes, worn out shoes, a lampshade, a standing fan, a microwave oven, and perhaps your own sofa (impulse buy!!).

This is not what I had in mind. Who did that when I wasn’t looking? What’s this retail therapy they say? Who’s going to load this sh*t up when I move to a new (hopefully “my own”) place?

Now I know how monks feel – Life ought to be clutter free. Simple and sweet. Limited possessions keeps your emotions in check. Being materialistic just saddens me.


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About Archan B

I read. I write. I am literate. And I wish there were more literate people in the world who could then express themselves in beautiful words of prose and poetry.

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