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Dedicated to Varun “Tannu” Bhatkal

Sometime in year 2000, I lost my childhood friend to a mysterious illness. The boy was young – a teenager – when he passed away, peacefully. This is in Varun’s memory….. (written on 6 June 2002).

Its now 2 years since you’re gone,
I still remember you like an evergreen song
One that lingers in the back of my mind,
Unerased it’ll stand with the passage of time. Read More…


Work Week

Late again, damn the alarm
the usual train commute awaits, got to move on
skipped breakfast, such a big deal
missed the day’s most important meal

A plane crash kills One Seventy Eight
an earthquake rocked the entire state Read More…

1st Attempt at Free Verse, July 2001

The sun peeps from the horizon
of the concrete jungle
Drawing, artistically, a pattern of shadows
riddled with geometric gaps
that absorb light

Activity in the city touches full swing
Four wheeled machines, scooters ply on the streets
Stopping religiously at the tricoloured signal posts

Starts the filthy wet discharge
through dark black lips
unsoft and poisonous
holding cigarettes Read More…