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How to Sound LIKE A BOSS in 6 ½ Easy Steps

This is a repost of original posted on my linkedin profile [14 Aug 2014]

We know how to dress like one and walk like one, but what about sounding like one? Whether recently promoted or managing a team or just-not-there-yet, put in practice these pointers and watch your career fly …!

Here’s how you sound like a Big Boss-man (or woman)!

… Over Emails

1. Have Email communications with your team members over a number of days over a single topic

Sender: 1 Aug @ 10am: Shall we call Mr.X today at 4pm?
You: 2 Aug @ 10.45am: Ask for today 11am or tomorrow 3pm
Sender: 2 Aug @ 11am: Mr X is ok for tomorrow 3pm
You: 3 Aug @ 2.45pm: Hi. Can you push the call to 4 Aug at 6pm? …

2. Send emails at 11pm using Outlook’s “Delay Delivery” to look busy at unearthly working hours. Make that 2am! Read More…


How to be a Favourite Uncle in 10 Easy Steps!


noun /ˈəNGkəl/
uncles, plural

  1. The brother of one’s father or mother or the husband of one’s aunt
  2. An unrelated older male friend, esp. of a child
  3. A pawnbroker

In real life:

Uncle is a cab driver, a shop owner, a random person you ask for directions or a passerby who throws the football back over the gate. Basically anyone who is above the age of 30, or looks like it – atleast to the kids in my neighbourhood ! We used to be on first-name basis, now its “Uncle” straight up!

Anyways, we focus on Uncle as defined in point 1 above. Being an Uncle is a huge responsibility, that is if you own up to it. Your sister may rely on you for a day of babysitting, or for providing that much needed distraction for an hour when her fav soap plays on TV, or for much needed third person bad-guy intervention in times of total chaos (typical when you have 2 boys or girls few years apart).

Being an Uncle has a very special place in a child’s upbringing, in terms of influence and almost dad-like second opinion. You are a part of the family, yet you are an outsider.

So here are some tips on earning your place as a favourite Uncle with your nephews / nieces (Note: All Tips are valid for Uncles who smartly show up well after the kids are reasonably potty trained! Read More…

Haze! What’s up with the air in Singapore?

They say when you have nothing to talk about, then talk about the weather! That’s always an interesting topic in Singapore, especially this time of the year.

Like seasonal clockwork, there invariably is a forest or field fire raging in Indonesia Sep – Oct every year. The winds blowing northeast (or is it southwest?) carry the thick smoke and cast a nice even blanket of haze over Singapore! Sitting inside your air conditioned office or home, you’d think for a moment the clouds are descending (yeah right! We are near the equator after all). Read More…