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Jeans-Clad Van Damme is a Hard Target no??!?

Quietly seated in the lounge of a nice downtown hotel in Jakarta, I was trying to look a bit like those other gentlemen with a business agenda. The problem was within moments one of the butlers switched on the TV and there it was – the movie I’ve seen a thousand times since I was 13, Jean Claude Van Damme’s Hard Target! This movie never dies, it gets all the more ridiculous each time I watch it, yet I do watch it again and again.

I love this movie!!! I remember heading down to the video library after school, 3rd time that week cause the movie was rented out, and running back with the VHS tape to make the most of the 24 hours rent!! John Woo (then so very unknown) made his mark with the Action in this movie which probably set the precedent for all the movies that followed. Read More…