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A Date with Omega – Part 2

In continuation of Part 1 –


“…. But you must! This is about faith, my child. This is about hopes and dreams of all the poor souls. We must set it right. You must get me to sit with them.”

Rev. Tony was in the office leaning over the secretary’s desk. He was dressed in robes making the office staff wonder if he had come in straight after sermon. Or whether the sermon was moved to their office! Rev. Tony, when not in church, was known around town for his love of wearing kurta and jeans with Kolhapuri chappals.

“Priscilla, I know about your father. Your mother had a difficult life and yet she raised you and your brothers so well. God rest her soul…. I ask a small favour, my child. I need to speak to them. Don’t you think someone like me should be on that interview?” Read More…


A Date with Omega – Part 1

“Why are we here?”

“Why do people die?”

“What is the time and date in your watch?”

“How old are you really?”

He had been sitting at his study desk for an hour now and that’s all he could come up with. “Come on, you’re better than that”, he thought to himself. “I’ve got to put him in the spot.”

This was perhaps the most defining moment of his career. That one opportunity to create a magnum opus, other journalists would give an arm and leg for. “Or even sell their soul for…”, he thought out aloud with a hearty laugh, marveling at his own sense of humour. Yes, this was the moment he’d been waiting for. This. “I’m going to make this one THE historic event they’ll speak of for centuries. I can already see headlines – The Almighty, Arjun Swami”. He laughed again.

“Besides”, he murmured to himself, watching his cat leave the room, “I’m tired of listening to those religious pundits and soothsayers like they’ve always known for years. This should settle the score and refresh those otherwise traditional conservative beliefs… if they really are traditional and conservative after Wednesday, that is.” He gripped his pen tighter realizing he maybe in for a shake up of his beliefs as well. Read More…

One Coffee Without Sugar

She was still in the kitchen making coffee. I’d just finished sending a couple of emails and realized I hadn’t said a word to her since fifteen minutes. As I tried to get a peek into the kitchen my attention was drawn to the view from the balcony.

The air outside was cool and breezy. The road looked clean and washed. Some kids were splashing about in the shallow puddles. The trees were glowing bright green and the hill in the background was looking up at the dark clouds. At some distance along the side of the hill, a shepherd was carrying his lamb hurriedly to a nearby shed.

“Such a laidback and tranquil place away from the bustling city”, I thought to myself, “…atleast for now…”, as I looked over at the two construction sites down the road. Soon the city would engulf this neighbourhood too. Soon that hill would disappear.

The weather was perfect for some hot tea and biscuits.  But not today. This time I said yes to coffee ’cause I didn’t want her spending longer making tea. And I’m very particular about tea. She knew that. She could do without my tea tantrums just this once.

I heard the familiar sound of the steel strainer tapping thrice over a cup. I got off my chair and walked into the kitchen to help her bring the cups into the living room. She gave me that familiar smile like when she always would after coffee was ready!

I was the first one to sit. I quickly downed one biscuit and sipped some coffee. She was still settling into her chair, looking for her pair of glasses. Soon, we would be ready to discuss the events of the last few months. Read More…