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Steve Jobs and his Indian Spiritual (dis)Connect

It is but inevitable. It is but the want of typical stories. It is but only page filling tactics. It is but a bad habit hard to break. It is but only what the masses want. It is but only search engine optimisation to write on popular topics of the day!!

It happens every single time. When an important event or a massive bit of news is made relating to person or place – there it is – its association (at some point of time) to ….. India. It seems the entire world has at some point been to India, walked the streets, donned the traditional attire, clicked snaps, been to the ashram and felt something God-Like!!

A famous personality, Steve Jobs, recently passed away. May his soul rest in peace. The “master innovator”, “Apple founder”, “great entrepreneur”, “college drop out” and many other names that he is known by, passed away peacefully after a long drawn battle with pancreatic cancer. Within moments of his death, the news had captivated the world. In Asia, where most of us were just waking up to our morning coffee/tea, the news was quite a shock to all Apple fans and iPhone lovers. By the time I arrived in office, the topic was already a hot subject for the day and there was genuine respect for the achievements of such an inspiring gentleman as Steve Jobs.

For some strange reason, I had this thought in the back of my head that the predictable bit is about to happen. And within hours (thanks to a story-hungry journalist somewhere in India or wherever) there it was – a story about Steve Jobs’ connection with India 35 years ago!! How very very predictable and seriously lame.

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Delhi High Court Blasts 7 Sep 2011 – A not-so-first hand account

I was in Mumbai when I heard about the Delhi Blasts, from a friend. This was around lunch hour, a good 3-4 hours after the actual incident – A thing of concern and wonder for me.

Generally, an incident like this gets onto the air through word of mouth “did you hear?” conversations, over the TV somewhere in a mall/office/restaurant, somehow it manages to reach everyone within an hour. This time around though, Read More…

Anna Hazare – The Gandhi-Capped Crusader

News channels and publications in India now begin their bulletins with updates on Anna Hazare’s fast and crusade against corruption. Now nearly the 10th day of his fast, he is still going strong and this is a man you cannot afford to ignore – a fact the government seems to admit as well.

This story of Fight Against Corruption can be compared to a popular comic book setting – something like Batman vs The Joker! Read More…

So My Buddy has a Band!

He was perhaps among the top 5 “most-likely-has-no-clue-what-he’ll-do-after-college” persons in a select group of “people” in the final year of graduation. Although others had written him off (don’t deny it you jerks) we were rather concerned about his future. Yet somewhere we had a knowing he’d come up with a surprise at some stage.

It’s now been 10 years since I graduated from college in Mumbai and in the last 2-3 years Frank Pawar has gathered an enviable fan following for his band, Devoid and himself. A hardcore trash metal band, a genre most bands would shy away from on the rather niche metal scene in Mumbai (or all of India for that matter), Devoid has recently launched their first ever album – A God’s Lie – which was well received by their fans and my grandma! Read More…